Saturday, January 5, 2013

First week in Jan 2013

Here are some interesting articles I ran across this week:
  • Who cares about HIPAA: Seems Kaiser Permanente ran out of room or common sense when they decided to "contract" out data storage to a couple in a California town. Most of the records were apparently stored in a warehouse the couple shared with a party rental shop, but some records were also stored in computers at the couple's home.  We're talking about 300,000 records, containing personal and medical information.  Wow, how does stuff like this happen?
  • Give me your password: Two more states recently adopted laws barring employers from requesting login access to potential and existing employee's social networking sites.  That brings the total to 6.  I'm still not sure if it's entirely necessary, but there are apparently enough businesses out there requesting people turn over their credentials.  I guess that would be a definite red flag on a job hunt for me.  If a company is hell-bent on getting you to violate the terms of service for a social networking site, then what other shady practices are they going to coerce you into?
  • Help yourself to my data, wink, wink: This article talks about companies creating bogus data that is supposed to help protect their real data from hackers.  It's an interesting idea, but how feasible is it? If you have a big budget and a large security and IT group, maybe it's workable.  However, most small to mid-size companies have trouble just doing what they need to get by.  Security is still not a priority.  At best it's an afterthought.  So how would all these companies have the extra time and money to develop and maintain a bogus net presence alongside their operational?  Maybe just spend the extra time and money on securing the real data?  Then you don't have to run the risk of the hackers getting pissed off and devoting even more time to coming after the real data.
  • Whatever happened to common sense: This will end up high on the list of dumb things this year.  Underage kid gets drunk, drives into a parked car, drives away and then posts about it on Facebook.  Really?  Wonder how they caught you?