Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mobile News Items

Some interesting topics related to mobile devices from the last few weeks:
  • Proof-of-concept work on using the motion sensors on android phones to figure out what might be happening on the touchscreen. The article mentions similar work done last year on iPhones.
  • Starting to find web pages out there that can infect mobile devices.  Lookout Security wrote about it in their blog.  You could almost figure this was about due.  With the explosion of BYOD to work there should be all kinds of fun coming down the road.
  • Might want to check the cool new lock-screen app you just got for your iPhone.  Apparently at least one developer decided to create an app that is just a few wallpapers that look like screen locks.  Even after stating the app really doesn't lock anything and categorizing it as "entertainment", people still bought it to lock their phones.  Now they are surprised it doesn't work and are trying to get their money back.  I'd like to say that surprises me, but sadly it doesn't.