Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Monday

Here's a few interesting items from last week:
  • Yet another story about somebody going on Facebook and creating a bogus profile to lurk around.  This time it was a high school principal.  Really?  She apparently took it upon herself to pose as a student and friend as many others from the school as she could.  Not sure what the real motivation was, but it's a violation of Facebook user policy as well as just plain creepy.  Adults pretending to be students?  That usually ends up with the adult having to register their whereabouts.  Maybe she thought it was better than remoting into the laptop cams like a school around Philadelphia did a few years back.  Seems that school administrators are having a hard time understanding where their authority over students ends.
  •  The FBI is worried about getting left in the dark.  With more communication moving to the internet from land-line phones, the FBI is concerned they lack the means to monitor the bad guys.  So the FBI wants social networking, VoIP, messaging and various other businesses to build in back doors specifically for their use. I wonder how they propose to open these holes so that only "authorized" sources can use them?
  • Here's another ridiculous story on a set of breaches that may have exposed as many as 350,000 social security numbers and other personal and financial information for people associated with UNC-Charlotte.  The thing that makes this one stand out is some of the data may have been exposed for over 10 years! The school sent out a release to explain things.  Of course the reason this happened was "system misconfiguration".  The part I like even better is the quote "The University has no reason to believe that any information from either of these incidents was inappropriately accessed or that information was used for identity theft or other crime".  That's awesome!  So after letting data dangling on the internet for over 10 years, you can be absolutely certain none of it was accessed and used inappropriately.  Talk about rose colored goggles.